Hunt & Knight Auto Repair
2701 Watterson Trail
Bluegrass Industrial Park
Louisville , KY 40299
Tel: (502) 267-5160
Hours: 8am to 5pm, Mon - Fri

Corvette Repair

Corvettes a Specialty
Hunt & Knight has established a long-standing reputation for service excellence on Corvettes and we are proud to have many satisfied customers.  We are a founding member of the National Corvette Museum. We are a Corvette shop that you can trust for repair and maintenance.

Corvette! What name comes to mind first? Hunt & Knight Automotive. We are the largest and oldest Corvette-repair facility in the area, we have been regularly recognized in Corvette-Fever and ranked as one of the Top 50 Corvette repair facilities in the United States. We were involved in the repair and maintenance of the 13th Corvette ever built and continuing on right up to modifications on brand-new Corvettes. Since 1976, Hunt & Knight Automotive has serviced over 20,000 Corvettes.  For routine repairs on your everyday driver, such as tires and brakes and oil changes, to modifications, performance applications for your weekend car.



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